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Five important performance of plastic sheet machine development

Plastic sheet machine as a kind of common plastic machinery and equipment, play an important role in the production of plastic products, with the development of information technology, plastic sheet machine will be high-end technology into the design and production of machinery and equipment, plastic sheet machine tends to full automation, high intelligent direction. To provide work efficiency, guarantee the quality of work laid the foundation. Its structural characteristics are mainly embodied in the following 5 points:

1, screw with special mix function, to ensure the high speed melt plastic, color uniformity to ensure the quality of the process.

2, T type die head adopts high-tech double flow design, the material thickness adjustment to accurately.

3, the die head replacement part of the advanced electric system, production efficiency

4, using the SCR temperature control system, accurate temperature to 1 DEG C + / - will ensure the smoothness of sheet, plasticizing process.

5, the use of microcomputer control of the slicing machine, to promote the length of the plate and the number of accurate.

Synthesis of Syria, plastic sheet machine as a kind of intelligent and efficient, energy-saving automatic plastic machinery, play an important role in the process of production, from the characteristics of it, it is not difficult to find the plastic sheet machine and other modern mechanical equipment towards high intelligent, automatic trend of development, strive for more favorable conditions for industrial production, promote economic development, is conducive to the upgrading of the industry.


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