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Common nano sheet technology - Long Sheng sheet machinery group

A plastic sheet machine is used in the manufacture of disposable plastic cups, disposable plastic tray, bowl and other heat molding products, mainly used in food, vegetables and fruits, packaging industry etc.. In recent years, with the development of the theme of environmental protection, the development of biodegradable sheet to nano material, nano sheet is a more environmentally friendly, more material supply security, to provide the shelf-life of food safety, has laid a solid foundation.

The common method of nano sheet calendering and extrusion method, applicable to a variety of sheet material such as PVC, PVDC, EPS, PET and so on, with the continuous development of the packaging material, the rapid development of a variety of advanced equipment and sheet, sheet production and development of call sheet machinery enterprises, to inject fresh blood into the domestic packaging material development, provide the market more environmental protection, more energy saving packaging sheet.

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