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Analysis of performance and structure of plastic sheet machine


Plastic sheet machine using different screw design and mechanical configuration, suitable for a variety of plastic sheets, such as PP, PE, PET, EVA, PS, etc., plastic sheet machine structure analysis:

1, the charge out of the machine: screw characteristic design, precise control system, good plastic effect, high quality and high yield.

2, for network and mold: hydraulic device to ensure that the process of changing the network fast and effective, using multi flow channel design, the distribution of plastic material evenly, can adjust the control, the thickness of the sheet to adjust accurately.

3, cutting machine: high quality alloy cutting edge, bearing imports, so as to ensure the quality of sheet machine and cutting operation of the long-term stable.

4, the winding machine: the four axis automatic tension control system, can adjust the speed and winding tension, so as to achieve the purpose of winding formation, and can set the width of the demand of the product.

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